Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In Ancient Times

Every once in a while I can't sleep, one early, early morning I was up surfing channels. I came upon a show about the history of torture. It was a history of human atrocities and couldn't stop watching. I have to say we humans can be really awful. One part of the program was about the Romans, gladiators, the Colosseum ...wow that was crazy. The thing that caught my interest was about wild animals the rulers added to the brutality of these games as they call it. What hit me was, they had a plan that the wild animals would fight, kill and eat the gladiators or prisoners. Turns out WRONG! You see the animals get it, they had reverence for nature for our home earth. All the creatures in nature have jobs to do and eating roman prisoners was not on their to do list! Now don't get me wrong I'm sure they got a few, but thank goodness that creepy stuff doesn't happen anymore. Humans could learn from the wild animals, take only what you need, leave only footprints and respect all the other beast that share this earth. I think that would be easier than math fractions, don't you?