Monday, January 25, 2010

Friends as Family

I think, maybe, some of the most special friends in our lives we meet in school, the ones that really know ya. They kinda become family too. I hope that you know what I mean, cause you have friends like that! Sometimes those friends can help you see your family in a different way. My mom was a pretty tough mom, she expected us to do our best, do the right thing, her way, no excuses. She was right and boy do I miss that gal. One of my old friend/family friends came for a visit and we were talking about family moms - dads and he said " He liked my mom, because every time he would see her that the look in her eyes always made him feel good about himself". He said, "She just made him feel better", and that blew me away, I had no idea . See only someone that is family can see family. In this life, I could only wish to make someone feel like that. She always welcomed friends as family, maybe we should try it!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bear Necessaties

When Larry does his radio show It is kind of my place to take up the slack and do the daily chores which are usually shared tasks. Sound fun?, it is most of the time except in winter - the watering chore! Now you have to remember I am all of 4' 11" and a 5 gallon bucket is almost half my height and each animal can drink at least a couple of gallons at a time - specially Buck and Faith the bears. And when they want water they will let you know - the metal water tank becomes their own bell so to speak. They clang it around to remind us to get to work and yesterday the tank ended on its side. Now I have to say when I am alone I don't enter the bear house, you kind of want somebody around for backup. They are big black bears and I am still the mama but why push it. We respect each other...lets say that! So I am using my handy broken rake handle to maneuver the tank next to the door and get it upright, all the while I am asking help from Buck or Faith. About the time we got the tank up Larry shows up and finishes the task..and we all laughed..great timing. This morning Larry came in and said "You should see what your bears have done", I'm like "what?". Around here you never know what might happen but look what the bears did (see picture)..they were ready for their drink!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Special Christmas Tradition

Did you have a great holiday, make it through OK? Did you love all your presents? The critters around here enjoy the holiday special treats. And for Lizzy the baby baboon and Gus the bobcat it was their first! Liz was fun to watch with wrapping paper and of course she loved the packages just as much as the toys! Sound familiar? They think holidays are great! One of my favorite gifts this year is the orchid blooming and even after all the bumps this year it did not disappoint. Blooms are still popping out and two or three more to come. That orchid ends the year blooming and on into the new year, too cool! I hope that your special presents are like mine still blooming and still making you smile.