Sunday, February 28, 2010

Three Wishes

When I visit your schools, I really love to read and check out the student's work the teachers display. Larry the animal guy thinks that all your stuff would make a great book, so creative! One class wrote about three wishes they would want, most wanted money, games and stuff and one gal said "Dr. Suess books", a girl after my own heart. That got me thinking, Larry and I would really like to show you just how amazing wild animals are, but if I had three wishes, well I would ask for more wishes! Then first I would like to show you things I know like how cool it is to watch Elizabeth the baboon use her index finger and thumb and how she hugs so tight and you feel her hands and feet grab hold of you, its something, or maybe wish you could hear the sound the bobcat makes when he is in his happy mood or even the scary one he makes when he is not happy.Or one more wish that you could see in the summer the tiger's fur looks like velvet, so smooth that the black stripes look like the ridges in corduroy. That's three or more but one wish thats more important to me would be that all the animals will always have a wild home a perfect place, a wish we can make happen together.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Teacher's Pet...NOT!!!!

School and I were never a great fit. I wasn't a bad student and I got good grades but, I was very, social, let's say. On our report cards there was a place for the teachers to make a statement or suggestion I am not sure what you call it. I still remember my first grade teacher wrote "Cheryl has a lot of friends and she likes to talk to them". Another comment that year "talks to much!", those "digs" or statements stuck with me. I don't think that she liked me and I am positive I did not like her. What lesson did she teach? Anyway, the thing is now I go to school to help Larry and his job is to talk mine is to handle our animal teachers and not talk. How about that? It is true! Students will ask why I don"t talk and our joke is that if I did talk the convocation would be two hours long! So I guess that is funny, cause my first grade teacher was wrong, I know when to talk and when to listen and learn.