Friday, October 30, 2009

Destination Conservation (continued)

(continued)where was I, oh.......Well the show began and for some strange reason, no not strange, maybe they feel, they know it but even the setup did not faze any of the animals. Gus, no fuss was just that beautiful, no fuss, Mr. Gus, I could not have been more proud and amazed, the animals always rise to the occasion. One gentleman in the audience took some awesome pictures of the show. His website is Check em out, he is a rockstar with a camera, I think that it was the 4th show, see if you can see how proud I am of my kids, oh and Larry too. Even when we came back to schools, Gus outshined himself again, a difficult in and out , people that did not watch our program were in the hallway and they were noisy an disrespectful of their wild animal guests. Gus he only ripped a few holes in me and the shirt that I was wearing. But he is a champ!!! He came in two more times and the hallways had no people in them. Sometimes it is frustrating when people dont get how amazing the animals are to trust us enoughn to go into a strange place, makes me realize the people in the hallway needed the lessons the animals teach most of all.The kids underswtand- lets say they get us!!! Lets start to nuture nature.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Destination Conservation

Over the weekend of October 16-18, the animal guy and his two favorite gals traveled to West Virgina...oh and I went too! Of course his two favorite gals are the two Elizabeths in his life- his mom and baby Liz the baboon. Mom Battson traveled with us for the second year, now. Mom Battson is far to smart to ride in the animal van so she and her traveling partner her cairn terrier Brightey ride comfortably in her car. For the past twelve years Larry has performed for the Open House at the National Conservation Training Center. We feel very privlidged to load ourselves and our wild animal friends and entertain and educate for the day. We have met very special people there, people that dedicate their lives to protecting our natural world - our kind of people- lets just say they get us, Im proud to call them friends. Larry's mom loves the facility too she wiuld hang out longer if she could. I think that it is the beautiful campusand we get the royal treatment. This year it rainedon the way and all day Saturday and that is the first time the weather was not so good, so some of the festivities were brought inside. That is ok it was still a cool and educational day. Nature people dont mind a little rain, that's nature. We did four programs and that made the day fly right by...great people... great day!!! The start of the day I was kind of worried, I know the entrance to the stage is up a flight of stairs and busses with people turn in front of the stairs. Ive done it before but this year our 5 month old Bobcat Gus does not like busses or cars and I was hoping that he would not freak out ....I mean if he didnt like the first show, oh man, how will I make him do it three more times. I was kind of freakin..he wasnt ...just me. Well the show began and for some strange reason , no not strange- maybe the feel of it and Gus was fine....(to be continued....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Covered Bridges

Out where we live there are two ways to know that it is fall, 1# The covered bridge festival , of course centered around Indiana's best covered bridges, miles and miles of fun food and shopping. All kinds of shopping, new stuff, old stuff, homemade stuff, great stuff and did I mention food? Around the block, is one of the covered bridges and on the roads to the bridges there are signs with a picture of the bridges. One time my mom was coming out to visit she noticed the signs and she didnt realize what the picture was, and she asked me when she arrived "What are those signs for garages?" She could be pretty funny,I told her and we went to check out the neighborhood bridge, fun day!!!Oh yes the #2 way at our neck of the woods is moving the big gators inside, including 7 foot Baxter , he is a big dude now. The reason we have so many gators is when people get them as pets and they become tired or afraid of 'em , they will toss them in a lake or a pond around Indiana, a death sentence for their so-called pets. The animal guy knows it is not the gators fault so we take them in and care for them. That means a building, heated, water the stuff they need. That is what we do and the gators pay us back by being valuable teachers, first lesson: WILD ANIMALS DO NOT MAKE GOOD PETS!!!!! Only thing left is to persuade them to go inside...that my friends is a seperate blog altogether....stay tuned